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VIBCO Railroad Car Shakers are the quietest, lightest, most dependable vibrators available. Get your profits flowing in the right direction with VIBCO Vibrators.

Whether you are unloading feed and grain, sawdust, coal, cement powder, or any other sticky or tough-to-unload material, VIBCO has a railroad car shaker that will get the job done.

VIBCO Vibrators is your one source for railroad car shakers. Our vibrators make unloading your railcar wagon an easier and quieter operation whether its overrail or underrail.

Check out our Railroad Car Vibrator Selection Guide to see which VIBCO model is best for you.

Questions? Call our 24/7 Free Technical Support Line at 800-633-0032.

Unload your railroad cars faster and cleaner with less labor!

Lightweight Designs
for better portability and ease of use. At just 24 lbs, the VIBCO CCW-2500 "Hobo" Rotary Piston Vibrator is our lightest model and delivers 2500 lbs of force.

Quiet Operation
VIBCO Vibrators are the quietest vibrators on the market. Most VIBCO railroad car shakers operate at under 85 db, so they are safer for employees and your neighbor's will appreciate them, too!

A Variety of Vibrator and Mounting Styles to Suit Your Needs
Quick mounting clamp-on or wedge-style vibrators ensure a tight fit so you get better vibration transfer and longer life from your vibrators.

Low Cost, High Performance
VIBCO Railroad Car Shakers, like all VIBCO Vibrators, are 100% manufactured in the United States with strict adherance to quality standards. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes allow us to produce highest-quality vibration equipment while keeping our vibrators affordable.

Learn more about what "Made in the USA" means to VIBCO and to our customers at

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VIBCO Introduces the RailBoss!
A new concept railcar vibrator.
Learn More About It at the NEW!
Popular VIBCO
Railroad Car Shakers

View the full product line and selection guide here

CCW-2500 "Hobo" Rotary Pneumatic Piston Vibrator
Lightest-weight railroad car shaker available - just 24 lbs!
Quickly moves tough material like cement, flour, carbon black, bone black, and aluminum shot.
Virtually silent operation - under 75 dB!

SVRWS-6500 High Frequency Pneumatic Vibrator
Features wedge bracket to fit railroad car's female dove-tail receptable
Will move even the toughest and heaviest materials easily
Lightweight design - just 48 lbs.

VMC-2500 Heavy Duty Electric Vibrator, Clamp On
Clamp on design
Silent Operation - just 80 dB
Our most powerful electric railroad car shaker moves heavy and sticky material with ease.

VMW-800 Heavy Duty Electric Vibrator, Wedge
Wedge style
Silent Operation - just 75 dB
Ideal for "after" vibration to clean up rail car

BIG BUSTER HC-3500 Low Frequency, High Force Vibrator
Available in pneumatic or hydraulic power
Ideal for moving coarse materials
Available with wedge or clamp-on style bracket

VIBCO SandBuster Truck - Art by Rohan Day
When your bins and silos have slow flow, clogs, jams, rat holes or bridging, then you've got a problem that a VIBCO Vibrator can solve!
VIBCO Concrete Truck
VIBCO's Concrete Chute Vibrator Kits are the easiest, most affordable way to faster, safer, more efficient pours. VIBCO keeps your ready mix profits flowing in the right direction.